Comic Strips

Dr. Z the Zombie Doctor

A single panel comic about a vaguely defined doctor who also happens to be a zombie. He appears as a biologist, pediatrician, and possibly a physicists.

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Cubicle Comix

The name describes accurately. Comics that I drew from my work cubicle.

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My Friend Butterscotch

A vertically stacked comic about a horrible child who drives away all his imaginary friends.

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Rebel Worm

Originally just a doodle about a street tuff worm that I reworked into a few strips. This comic confounds me.

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Inappropriate Puppet Theater

A comic about a children’s puppet show that has gone off the rails because no one actually pays attention to children’s programming. People get stabbed.

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Adventure Cat

Formulaic strip about how a cat perceives world around her. The first strip was originally done for an anthology zine.

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F*cking Stick Figure

A comic designed to be drawn quickly with little regard of humor but a surprise to no one there are only a small run of these comics.

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Mini Comics

Karrots from Space – In Progress

A silent comic drawn on my phone about a rabbit defending the earth from carrot alien invaders. Carrot is spelled with a K because it makes it look evil.

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A short comic inspired by my love of old Akira Toriyama comics like Dr. Slump and the original Dragon Ball.


She Loves Me

A mini comic that I did the anthology zine Every/Body. Probably my most widley seen work.

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The Balled of Billy The Brain

An incomplete crossover mini comic between Dr. Z and Butterscotch about an animated brain on the run.

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Old Comic Projects


A selection of strips from the webcomic I did back in the 2000s.


Cthulhu: King of Monsters

A poor execution of an idea I love. Cthulhu as America’s kaiju.

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